Easy Plane Travel Tips to Stay Healthy

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As frequent travelers we like to think we complied a nice list of helpful tips to make the process of flying from point A to point B slightly more enjoyable. If you have some health tips that keep you sane in-flight or before, do share in the comments below!

1. Hydrate. Should be a no-brainer, and practically every blogger, expert or airplane seat companion will state the same thing. Water is crucial. It’s crucial every day of the year in copious amounts, but especially in flying time. The air is so dry in airplanes – apparently the humidity level can be as low as 1% whereas the average humidity level from a room in your house can be as high as 65% - that’s a pretty big difference and all the more reason to keep those fluids flowing! However, you do want to stay away from drinks that dehydrate you further, so drinks like alcohol, coffee or sodas are a big NO. AND as a pro tip, make sure you bring your own reusable water bottle not only for environmental aspects and cleanliness, but also because the 6oz cups they hand out don’t cut it for those 12 hour flights. So, load up on good ol’ H2O prior, during and after your flight.

2. Nourish the skin. This second point goes hand-in-hand with Hydration. Obviously the more you keep your fluid intake up, the more your skin will stay nourished. But for a bit of assistance we recommend bringing a carry-on size of our favorite face/body lotion, serum or oil to apply once or as needed during the flight for some extra care and nourishment for your skin. I personally prefer to wash my face prior to boarding in the airline lounge then apply my serum, so as to not have to deal in close corridors of the airplane. Also, make sure to keep a tube of lip balm in your pocket for assistance as well. We personally love ECO LIPS.

3. Movement is key. Staying put for long periods of time decreases blood flow and can cause your legs and feet to swell, making you feel like your blowing up like a wood tick. You might be resistant to get up frequently, but with all the water you’ll be drinking you’ll be bound to make frequent visits to the restroom. Water for hydration and encouraging movement sounds like a good trick to me!

4. Healthy snacks. We’re big food people, so we always have our stock pile topped off. It’s important to keep snacks on hand for hunger cravings and help avoid those times when unhealthy food options are all that is offered. In the munch category, we try to avoid dehydrating food and pack those with some hydration properties, such as fruits or vegetables. However, these options aren’t always practical for longer flights, so granola bars, nuts and seeds are also a good bet. These are some of our favorites right now: RX BarsSunbutter and Shine Organics.

5. Sleeping with the new time zone. Another way to encourage good health on plane rides is to mirror sleeping times to your new time zone. Also, packing a neck pillow and taking a melatonin supplement to encourage sleep. It is also helpful to dress in layers – flights can change dramatically in temperature within the duration in air, so layers is a necessity. 

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