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We’re always scouring the internet for bloggers who speak our language. Cool folks with big hearts and mad cooking skills who believe that health and wellness are the key to satiated bellies and happy lives. is THAT blog. And Kath, the Registered Dietitian, mom, and bakery owner who curates the site, is our kinda girl.

Kath's eating healthy journey started with her own battle of the bulge. 

“I originally gained the senior-year-20 in college (much more dangerous than the freshman 15!),” she openly admits. “I lost it when I started cooking for myself and exercising more. I found a healthy lifestyle to be so much more enjoyable than the one I had been living in college.”

For Kath, it was a snowball effect. The good kind. “I just kept focusing on health and the weight fell off.”

Kath’s weight loss started with counting calories, fat-free foods, and artificial sweeteners – because that’s what all the weight loss propaganda says you’re supposed to do. Kath soon found her path and now ascribes to a diet that she calls “intuitive eating.”

“One of the concepts I like to stress is to focus on how you feel when you eat poorly or eat well. A few days into a vacation of overeating and I realize why I prefer salads and lighter meals at home!” she says. 

Her advice is simple: “Pay attention to your body.” It tells you what’s working and what’s not if you listen.

Inspired by her own connection to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, Kath went back to school to become a Registered Dietitian so she could inspire others to embrace healthy lifestyles – starting with their relationship with food. Around the same time, Kath started blogging and was born. It was a platform for Kath to share her love of healthy living (and some really good food. Nom nom.)

Her favorite tips are these:

  1. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. That’s where all the healthy, fresh stuff is.
  2. A healthy diet does not mean a limited diet. It’s the opposite! Eat a lot of colors and a lot of different foods.
  3. Eat a protein, healthy fat, whole grain, and fruit or vegetable at every meal or snack.

Above all, Kath believes in keepin’ it real at the dinner table: 

“We should be eating real food, which I define as food in its most natural state. So if you have a choice between a wheat berry salad or a cookie made from wheat that has been refined and ground into a flour, the wheat berry salad is the better choice. Look for ingredient lists made up of real foods and avoid those with things you couldn’t make at home if you had the time and simple equipment.”

Kath, for example, mixes up her meals with fresh, real foods to stay balanced, energized, and healthy all day long.

For breakfast, she either has eggs, fruit, and toast or oatmeal.
For lunch, she has a big salad with salmon, avocado, and a great manchego cheese.
For dinner, her and her family love homemade pizza and salad. It’s fun and tasty!
And, when Kath is jonesing for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, her go to is a handful of nuts or a Greek yogurt.

Personally, we’re big fans of Kath’s Maple Chai Chia Pudding. If we could turn this into a mint, it’d be our next flavor. Hands down.

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