5 family cooking ideas to make the kitchen fun for all

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Family cooking ideas to make the kitchen fun for all

Cooking isn’t just for moms and dads — in fact when you get the whole family cooking together, the kitchen can be the most fun-filled room in the house. Of course, not all meals are created equally and there are times when it’s best to keep the little ones preoccupied elsewhere. But with the right recipes, cooking with kids can be hugely beneficial to their growth (and super helpful to you!).

Not only is it a great place to teach them about the importance of health and nutrition, but following a recipe can be an awesome exercise in math (we remember adding more fractions in the kitchen than the classroom) and independence. Bottom line — cooking is an important life skill, and it’s mega fun.

Here are some family cooking ideas to help get you and your kiddos started:

1. DIY Pizza Night

Get the whole family cooking together with a fun DIY pizza night. It's like regular pizza night, except everybody gets to customize their own personal pie, which means you can add all the green veggies you want! If you're in a pinch, pick up some pre-made crusts at your local market. Otherwise we totally recommend Minimalist Baker's gluten free pizza crust + sauce recipe. While you're prepping that, the kids can help set up the toppings so you can all assemble your perfect mini pies together. Yum!

2. Cinnamon Rolls

Baking is one of the best ways to get used to cooking with kids since there’s hardly any risk of getting hurt. Get the kids to help you measure, mix, and finally, curl the dough into any of these delicious gluten free cinnamon roll recipes. Just be sure to have the oven mitts handy when the timer goes off!

3.Snack Prep 

Having snacks ready to go can make mornings and after school hours so much easier. Spend a Sunday afternoon with the family cooking up some grab n’ go munchies like these kid-friendly cinnamon-inspired gluten free snacks (no, you're not seeing double, there are more cinnamon rolls here too!). 

4. Gluten Free Hot Chocolate

While you’re working the stove, the kids can assemble mugs, divide marshmallows and crush up the organic VerMints for dusting on top of our all-time favorite gluten free hot chocolate.

5. Make Your Own Play Dough

Who says the kitchen is only for eating? This play dough recipe is simple, natural, and loads of fun for the whole family. Once it's ready to go, set the kids up at a table with a rolling pin and some cookie cutters so they can get creative. 

Image courtesy of Minimalistbaker.com