Cafe Express Trail Mix

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Cafe Express Trail Mix

It’s time to enjoy the great outdoors! Hiking can be tough. But so are you. Stay satiated and energized on every mountaintop (and in between) with a healthful snack that packs a super-powered punch.

Is that our tummies rumbling or yours?

Get a big bowl or a big bag, and let’s make trail mix!

1.Choose your sweeties

Get creative. Whatever you love, that’s what you use. Cranberries and banana chips, anyone? Raisins, figs, apricots, peaches, dried ginger… – this is making us grin. How about papaya to be exotic? Just make sure to bring some luaus on your hike. How about having fun and making your own?

2.Add nuts

Make sure to add in mountains of these healthy superstars. Feeling classic? Load up on peanuts. Feeling adventurous? We’re pecan at those Brazil nuts!

3.Have your seeds and eat them too

Load up on the tiny cousins of nuts with so many of the same health benefits. Grab some pumpkin seeds – try Go Raw’s! Think about big yellow sunflowers, smile, and eat those seeds. Mmmm… sesame snaps, anyone?

4.Sweeten the pie (er… the trail mix)

Open a tin of Café Express, get out a rolling pin (or a shoe or a hammer or…), and crush those suckers. Not too finely. Just into edible-sized bits.

5.Spice it up, baby

Remember: This mix is your mix. Flavor it your way. We’re not gonna boss you around about flavors. You know what your taste buds like. Curry powder, perhaps? How about that pumpkin pie spice mix from the farmer’s market? Maybe wasabi is your thing. Freshly ground pepper and sea salt? Go forth. Explore. Create!

Take a picture of your hike and your Café Express Trail Mix and post it to our FacebookShare your recipe there too! Happy hiking!