Chai Pastilles For Success!

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*Oliver excited as ever for his Chai Pastilles success (and winning the hearts of every onlooker).

We admit we have great mints and pastilles, BUT when we hear it from our fans, it makes it that much sweeter.

Scott, a father of a two year old boy named Oliver, are both BIG fans of our Chai Pastilles! Not only are our pastilles a USDA organic sweet treat, but they are changing lives too (we hate to say we told you so)! 

Scott shared his story about the difficulties of parenting, but let us know VerMints is making it a little more stress free - so in the office we could laugh, cry and rejoice!

Potty Training Success!:

“My name is Scott. I'm a young father of a two year old boy named Oliver who absolutely loves your Chai pastilles. Every time we go to Newport Natural Foods, my son walks in there and grabs two tins of them. He would eat the whole tin in one sitting if we let him! We recently have been trying to potty train him with no luck. So, we tried a reward system. Every time he goes on the potty he gets 3 Chai pastilles. We are on day 3 of this endeavor and today is the first day he used the potty all day without a single accident! Thanks for making a great product that helps make my life easier! A lot of work ahead, but we're heading in the right direction”.

We are here to spread goodness and love in mints and pastilles, change lives and ultimately change the world - one mouth at a time.

Keep up the good work Oliver! You’re a star!