Eco-Friendly Products You Need to Know About

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Do you ever want to contribute more to the ecosystem, but don't think you have the time to start your own project, company, or simply just are unsure how? Do you enjoy shopping? What if you could help the environment in small ways by doing something you love? Well, you can! Check out these eco-friendly products made from companies trying to make a difference that you may or may not know, but you will soon love.


This company is out of Portland, Oregon and makes active-wear essentials such as top of the line footwear for hiking, walking or any adventure, while they also have other lines such as accessories, specifically eye catching bags. The company's objective is to "elevate transparency in business practices and to innovate within manufacturing to exceed the highest levels of social and environmental standards." They are currently using probiotic technology for natural odor control, and adopting a program that helps to elevate sustainability in manufacturing known as Higg Index. Keen also cares for its workers worldwide showing this by ensuring safe conditions, treating employees with dignity and respect, and by keeping their configuration processes environmentally responsible.


Being a trend setter is very difficult in today's society, but Allbirds seemed to breakthrough stagnant trends by creating the first breathable and comfortable merino wool sneaker, essentially made from the Earth. This company likes to say "Mother Nature is our muse," which is so relatable to the everyday person. Their products are made from sustainable materials with a lower carbon footprint than most other businesses. They construct the laces to their shoes out of recycled bottles, as well as the insoles of shoes out of castor bean oil. This process they often refer to as the "lean, bean, comfort machines." Utilizing recycled cardboard for packaging, they also often print directly on the boxes rather than shipping extra loose leaf pieces of paper with their products. Allbirds really is the epiphany of a little effort goes a long way. 


Honestly, who doesn't use phone cases these days? Phones are designed so well and then we just cover them right up because we can't bear the thought of damaging this expensive piece of our equipment. If you're going to spend the money on a case that will protect your life (literally), why not buy an eco-friendly case? Pela is a more recently established company starting out of Canada whose goals include reducing plastic waste, alleviating non-renewable fossil fuel dependency, educating people about sustainable alternatives, and building a company that people can be proud of. Those are four very humbling goals. Their products are made from sustainable bioplastics and made with starch-based bioploymer as well as recycled materials and flax straw (waste). On top of all these great facts they are a part of the 1% for the planet group meaning the company donates at least 1% of its sales to environmental non-profit groups. How can you not be proud of a company like this?

Jewelry Brands

Ranging from recycled silver, gold and gemstones to pieces that are ethically mined or companies that give back to the community in some way. Beautiful pieces are worth wearing especially when you know you are helping the earth and others. Check out this website filled with lovely pieces from numerous different companies!


When you think Patagonia you think durable, dependable, fashionable. You may have forgotten how hard they work to maintain a successful and sustainable company. By examining each piece of clothing according to the different stages in their life cycles, they audit their materials and methods used to better themselves for their consumers and their world. They also have a wonderful feature that allows for someone's old clothes to be upholstered and restored into another's new clothing! They truly do continue a products life cycle, making their products sort of come to life. Very cool. At their Global HQ they have installed 498 solar panels which work to reduce electricity demand, so in turn, they eliminate the burning of fossil fuels and pollution in the air, soil, and water. Big picture: this all helps to slow down the global warming process one article of clothing at a time. Their impact doesn't stop there. Even when opening a new retail store, the company decides to reconstruct an old building rather than break down the earth and construct their own. Talk about recycling! They are great!

Water Bottles

Who doesn’t love water? It is so much easier to drink the necessary amount of water your body needs daily when you have something attractive to drink from. Not only do reusable water bottles look better than plastic, but they’re already saving the environment before you even consider if the company you’re buying from focuses on eco-friendly products! Check out this list of water bottles worth buying…maybe one will catch your eye.

Home Furniture

Looking for a new look in your home? Ever considered the materials pieces are made of? Take a look at these companies who have both the stylish and eco-friendly features.