Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween

Twas dark, and not a creature did stir,

Save for a lonely PepperMint.

Frightened, but with the heart of no cur,

He shall find his friends – no fear! Not a hint!

A thump! A cry! Was that a sigh?

He stiffens – ach! In the dark he is blind!

And is that? Oh my! Oh Chai!

They hug – to them the Fates will be kind.

Then flames! The trees are engulfed! Ahh! The sting of a burn!

They they see him! In the jaws of a monster, Cinnamon!

They yell, they roar, they fight back with sticks!

But in vain – he disappears, in not even two ticks.

And alas, Café Express, she fares no better.

Her Mets cap they see, pieces strewn, a-tatter.

Of Wintergreen they could find no hint,

Perhaps devoured, as with GingerMint?

Happy Halloween! Yes, indeed.

Thankfully – oh joy! – this is but a poem.

Of course, come tomorrow, all will be wholesome.

Or will it, indeed?

‘Twas dark, and not a creature did stir,

Not even a lonely PepperMint.

Frightened, timid, with no recourse, unsure.

Will they live? Alas - we have no hint.