Jennifer is our week 5 #wishihadvermints winner!

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Congratulations to Jennifer for winning this week's #WishIHadVerMints Kiss n' Tell contest

Her story is that perfect mix of awkward and sweet:

"I was out with friends one night at a bar and out of the blue this guy I'd never met comes over and plants a kiss on my face. 18 years later we are still going strong... who'd have known!"

Wow, Jennifer, your guy has guts! We can't help but wonder about the look on your face in that exact moment (though we can imagine it was priceless).

Jennifer is our fifth winner, which means that next week we give away the Grand Prize — an entire year's worth of VerMints! This is your last chance to share your awkward kissing story, so don't miss out — enter here! We announce the final winner on November 15th. 

Happy kiss n' telling!