Jordann is our first #WishIHadVerMints Contest Winner!

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It's week one of our #WishIHadVerMints Kiss n' Tell contest on Facebook

We had some hilarious, awkward, and downright unfortunate kissing stories (bruised lips, spit, faceplants, missed faces, you name it!)

This week's winner is Jordann, who wins a 6-flavor Variety Pack of VerMints.
(Only fresh organic vegan non-GMO kisses from here on in, Jordann!)

Here is her ridiculous story. (Best part: She married him!)

"Mine and my husband's first kiss was suuuper awkward - we were in the back of our friends' car, and he just went for it. It was my first kiss in general, and I had no idea what to do, where to put my hands, what to do with my lips, and he went for it with tongue, and I just sat there like OMG THIS FEELS SO WEIRD WTH, and then we hit a speed bump, and he got spit on my glasses. Hahaha."

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