Meet Wintergreen: He’s like the warmth of the woods

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Wintergreen VerMints

When things get gnarly, Wintergreen is on your side. When things get hair-raisingly, nuttily, gong show-worthy, Wintergreen cools it all back down.

He looks you in the eye and smiles with conviction. When he hugs you, he holds you close. He lets go only after you do, never before.

In France, they know him as ‘tea of the forest’. That suits him. He’s the warm embrace of a mug of tea and the calm presence of the woods. He’s the best listener you’ll ever meet. He’ll comfort you when you need it and make you laugh when you least expect it. He’ll tickle you and hug you tight.

Wintergreen is careful, in that he takes great care. After you meet him, you learn that ‘cautious’ and ‘careful’ are as different as night and day. With each step Wintergreen takes he thinks of those around him. People trust him.

When he sings, the room stops to listen. When he jumps into a lake, the cold doesn’t bother him. He’s both a solid pillar of strength and a brimming cup of confidence. He jazzes up the harmonica around the campfire with gusto and makes s’mores taller than the biggest rolls of sushi.

Go for a walk with Wintergreen. Let him show you warmth from within.