Memorial Day Planning

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Calling all attention! A day of commemoration is approaching. A day that reminds us of the people who made it possible for us to get out there and enjoy our lives. How can we remember them while generating our own memories with friends and family? With the implementation of Decoration Day. Check out this list of Memorial Day ideas as well as ours below for you and your families, while remembering to…Grab Life and Taste it!

Visit your local parade

  • Check out your local town news for times and routes of parades. This is a great way to get involved in your communities, and watch your friends, family, and neighbors march through town, or cheer on those who are! 

Great weather

  • Pack up the car and take a ride down to the beach. Take advantage of pre-summer parking rates! Rounding up the neighbors for a backyard cookout is a fun and casual way to celebrate. This allows for adults to be in a relaxed environment and invites kids to play together while enjoying the outdoors.

Fair weather

  • Calls for picnics! Check out your nearest state parks where there are always walking trails, picnic tables, public grilling areas, maybe even some space to overnight camp! Family fishing opportunities or even different types of boating can be offered around the areas. A great outdoor space to include the whole family, even the animals.

Poor weather

  • Visiting a Museum of Military History can be a great way to connect with your country on this symbolic day.
  • Ordering a movie, playing cards or breaking out the old board games can re-invite family bonding that is so often overlooked!

--Grab Life & Make Memories--