Our top 13 places to suck and crunch wintergreen mints

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13 places to pop wintergreen mints

1. In your car. When you’re stuck in traffic grinding your teeth, let the sweet, soothing flavor of wintergreen oil wash over you. Ahhhhh.

2. In your running shoes. Whether you climbed your way to a gorgeous mountain summit, or ran 10k on the treadmill, freshen up with a wintergreen mint.

3. At a restaurant. When you can’t brush your teeth post-meal, oil of wintergreen has your back. Pop a couple pastilles before planting a goodnight smooch on your sweetheart — they’ll thank you! (Learn more about on-the-spot breath fresheners here.)

4. On the beach. The sand is hot and the sun is hotter, but your mouth will be cool as a wintergreen plant.

5. At the movies. Fight buttery popcorn and candy cravings with Wintergreen VerMints — three mints will only cost you 10 calories and 1g of natural sugar.

6. At the office. Whether you’re burning the candle at both ends or bored out of your mind (find out which with our work life balance quiz), suck on a wintergreen mint and watch the rest of the day fly by!

7. On the couch. Throw on some Netflix, cuddle your dog, and let the fresh taste of wintergreen oil distract you from that terrible, stinky puppy breath (learn all about banishing dog breath here.)

8. At the market. Especially while hungry. Wintergreen mints will help keep your mouth happy amidst seemingly endless aisles of sweet and salty munchies.

9. At the comedy club. They say laughter is the best medicine, but your garlic breath isn’t likely to make your friends LOL.

10. In bed. When you’re lying awake at midnight craving vegan chocolate, reach for a fresh wintermint instead and slip into a blissful sleep.

11. At the doctor’s office. Before you open up and say ahhh, do your physician a favor and pop a wintergreen mint.

12. At the dentist’s office. We’re willing to bet your hygienist will also appreciate your fresh, wintergreen breath.

13. At the coffee shop. We love espresso as much as you do, but coffee-induced halitosis is nobody’s friend. Keep some wintergreen mints handy for post-latte emergencies.

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