Six Easy Ways to Upcycle an Empty VerMints Tin

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DIY mini garden in an upcycled mint tin 

The phrase “nothing lasts forever” is especially true when it comes to VerMints.

If you’re a super sucker like us, you’ve probably got a whole collection of empty tins rattling around in the bottom of your bag. Put those empty tins to good use with this helpful list of upcycling hints.

1. Mini First Aid Kit

Be prepared in style. Fill your empty tin with a few bandages and a travel-sized container of coconut oil. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil can help heal cuts, rashes, and sunburns — without any nasty chemicals.

2. Business Card Holder

Use a VerMints tin to display your own cards, or store the ones you’ve collected from others.

3. DIY Vegan Lip Balm

The only thing worse than running out of VerMints is having chapped lips. Remedy both these problems in three easy steps:

1. Wash out your empty VerMints tin with warm, soapy water.

2. Fill the tin with homemade vegan lip balm (we love this recipe from Vegan Desert.)

3. Enter our  Kiss N’ Tell contest to win FREE VerMints!

4. Travel Storage

VerMints tins are perfect for storing all your bits while on the road. MP3 players, hair pins, guitar picks, jewelry — sky’s the limit!

5. DIY Mint Tin Travel Candle

Up the ambience of any room with these adorable  mini travel candles. They’re easy to make and your friends and family will think you’re oh-so-crafty.

6. Mint Tin Garden

This gorgeous  mint tin garden from Pass the Pistil absolutely NAILS the upcycling concept. What a fun, inexpensive project for parents, kids or anybody lacking yard space!

Visit our VerMints Tin Upcycling board on Pinterest for more fun ideas, or share your own in the comments below!

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