This is Gingermint. Begin your bittersweet love affair with her.

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This is Gingermint. Begin your bittersweet love affair with her.

Gingermint is love and adventure in one sweet package. It’s warm and embracing, like a familiar country home on a cold winter’s night. But it’s never conventional nor predictable. In fact, Gingermint thrives on zing and wow factor. She can close down the house or she can sit quietly and ponder life. She is both sides of the spectrum and never middle ground.

Gingermint charges forth with conviction but not bravado. She is brilliant but humble. Confident but kind. She is both soothing and utterly sensational. Gingermint knows what she wants and goes after it full throttle. She takes pause when she needs it and never leaves anyone behind.

Gingermint is a crowd pleaser. People fall head over heels for her unique flair and unusually amusing temperament. They love that she can laugh at her self and hold a room in awe. She commands attention.

Couple up with Gingermint and prepare for an adventure. A spontaneous journey of wild ambitions, gentle love, and indescribable experiences. Gingermint never disappoints; rather, she spends a lot of time unintentionally amazing.


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