This is Café Express. She’s unassumingly bold and intentionally sweet.

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Café Express is queen of the unexpected. If you’re looking for normal, look elsewhere. Café Express has no patience for the status quo. She’s a wild woman with a warm heart. She is equal parts delightfully dainty and brazenly bold. In fact, spend some time with Café Express and you’ll join the masses in saying “Oh, she’s a little bit of everything wonderful and nothing of anything terrible.”

If you had a meeting at 5pm on a Friday with Café Express, she’d show up with a Bon Jovi t-shirt (from the Keep The Faith days), Converse, a six pack, and a briefcase. She’d nail the presentation and do shots at the bar afterword. Café Express doesn’t mess around. She mixes business with pleasure with confidence and charisma. You always get the best of both worlds.

Café Express isn’t the settling down type. She’s the bouncing around, make you laugh, extra dose of sweet and spice type. She can dance her face off until 3 am. Or she can cozy up with a movie like Superbad and laugh till dawn. She doesn’t do predictability. She does utter unadulterated bliss.

Those who love Café Express often choose the path less travelled. They put ice cream on their pie and mayo on their fries. They like unusual combinations and thrive on a healthy dose of unscripted fun.

Bring Café Express along everywhere, any time. She does morning, noon, and night – full tilt. She can add fuel to the fire or sweeten the deal. She is dependably different and defiantly delicious.


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