This is Chai. He’s an organic mint with international flair.

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This is Chai. He’s an organic mint with international flair.

Chai is organic, but never froo-froo, flighty, or hoity-toity. In fact, Chai doesn’t even know what those words mean. He’s clean and inviting, like a warm cup of Indian chai tea on a brisk morning. He’s all “ohm”, and no “whoa”.

If you called Chai up on a Saturday night at 1 am, Chai would meet you on the corner, bring a shawl in case you’re cold, hold your hand, and talk about philosophy and constellations until dawn. He’s dependable and fun, but not dance on the tables at Hooters kind of fun. He’s a cozy, reliable friend. That said, Chai is never boring.

The more time you spend with Chai, the more likely you’ll be to look at life with rose-colored glasses. Chai is infused with zen and is ultra-positive. He melts away disappointment and leaves you with a lasting taste of peace and hope.

Chai is a dreamer, but he’s not lazy. Chai loves to take his time and enjoy the ride. He never rushes; he always savors. He’s a Stop And Smell The Roses kind of mint whose flavor carries on long after the pastille is gone. His first impressions are lasting and his relationships are always long-term.

Folks who love Chai love rich, deep friendships and engaging conversations. They love to combine dependability with spiciness, reliability with a hint of playful surprise. Chai never disappoints, always delivers, and aims to please.

Put him in your pocket, in your desk drawer, in the glove box … he won’t mind. He’s not picky but he is persuasive. He is simple yet complex. Chock full of flavor but not full of junk. One glance at his spicy good looks, and resistance is futile – even for the biggest skeptic.

Although he’s irresistible, Chai comes with no ego – only a desire to please.

And, boy, does he ever!

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