Top 10 Places to Suck a VerMints

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1. In your room.
Throw your blinds open and let the sunlight flood in. Suck a Chai and savor the zing. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way! (As Dr. Suess says.)

2. At the bus stop.
Offer a GingerMint to the harried-looking lady on her way to a bad day. Watch her smile. Save the day.

3. While rollerblading!
Zip around town with extra pep(permint). Maybe even do a pirouette. Life is g-o-o-o-od.

4. On the forty-first floor in downtown New York, right before your board meeting.
Strike a victory pose! Throw your arms in the air. Fist pump, even. You’ve got this.

5. By a roadside curry noodle stand in Malaysia.
Freshen up after that coconut milkiness with a Wintergreen. Consider a post-curry kiss. Just because you can.

6. In your bed.
Yep. Under the covers, with Frank Sinatra crooning softly beside you. Get cozy.

7. At the railway crossing. after the hundred and twenty-eighth car.
When a 128-car cargo train interrupts your drive to work, grab a Café Express. Roll down your window, pass the VerMints around. Suck, smile, and wait. You’ve got nothin’ but time.

8. On Route 66.
Because who doesn’t want fresh breath on a road trip? Right?

9. In your garden, amidst the zucchini.
Couple dirty work with clean breath. Whisper sweet nothings to the pumpkins. Feel the cool breeze in your hair.

10. Right before limelight. 
You. Your guitar. And a crumpled up piece of paper with lyrics from the heart. Offset the jitters with the pizazz of Cinnamon. Flash your sequins, baby – and go light up the room.

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