Top 9 Mint Review

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Top 9 Mint Review

We know we have great mints, but we’re also a tad biased. VerMints are a labor of love for us. So we were curious: How do VerMints really stack up against our friendly and minty competitors?

We hit the local super market, loaded up on mint tins, played a little mint-tin Jenga (VerMints won, naturally). Then we put on our detective hats and used our iPhone magnifying glass app to uncover the nitty gritty details and ingredients in mints continent-wide.

Here’s what we found*:

Organic (O) Gluten-free (GF) Kosher (K) GMO-free (GMO) No nuts (N) Vegan (V)
Life Savers Mints
Newman’s Organic Mints
St. Claire’s
Tic Tacs
YummyEarth Organic Refresh Mints

*These brands might have more checkmarks, but they are not advertised or posted on their website.

Call us suckers, but we think VerMints are tops for taste, too.

Lip-smacking, mmm-inducing, tasty. Bliss, really. We’re also proud to support local communities and economies. VerMints are made in Canada and put in those pretty tins in the USA. Plus, we’re making the nation more kissable one suck at a time. And who doesn’t love kisses?

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