we like to talk about our organic mints.

probably because our breath is 
so fresh 
and fabulous.


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Tell us what you think of VerMints. We make them for you, so your opinion matters. Send comments, questions, and suggestions to

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Gary is our CEO. And even though he’s the big boss around here, he’s doesn’t have a big ego. Contact him directly any time. He’ll be delighted to connect with you:

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If you’re ready to join VerMints revolution, we’re very excited! Connect with our Wholesale department to start the conversation: OR 800.367.4442

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If you’re not one for exchanging pleasantries and engaging in small talk, we understand. Sometimes, you just need some VerMints. Stat! If so, order here. Check out our enlightened retailers.These folks stock their shelves with VerMints regularly. It makes us happy and their patrons ecstatic. Get our retailer list here.

Mailing Address:
VerMints Inc.
PO Box 850473
Braintree, MA

Office located in Weymouth, MA

Toll-Free: 800-367-4442
Local: 781-340-4440



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