pepper us with organic mint

Questions. we like tests.

  • Q: There are flecks in my mints. What are they? Are they moldy? Those flecks are what make VerMints so darn tasty – they're the all natural ingredients. Depending on the flavor, it could be a peppermint leaf or a dash of ginger. Flecks are your friends. Embrace the fleck!
  • Q: Are VerMints certified organic? Absolutely! We’ve used organic ingredients since day one (back in 2003!). In 2012, we made it official and received our organic certification from Quality Assurance International (QAI).
  • Q: Are VerMints sugar-free? Nope, but they’re sweetened in the very best, most healthful way! We use Organic Crystallized Cane Sugar (a fancy name for a simple goodness), Organic Maple Syrup, and Organic Tapioca Syrup to sweeten our mints.
  • Q: Is Organic Sugar better than regular sugar? You bet! Organic sugar is produced without synthetic pesticides and herbicides. (so, no chemical residue in your mints. Yes!) That means your mints are not only chemical-free and great tasting, but helping to reduce the pesticide load on our friendly planet.
  • Q: Are there any allergy inducing ingredients in my mints? No! (Unless you count the people who make them. We’re totally nuts!). VerMints are manufactured in a nut-free facility and are free of allergens. They are completely free of all peanuts and tree nuts. For a complete list of what VerMints doesn’t have, click here.
  • Q: Do your products have gluten? No way! All of our VerMints are manufactured and packaged in a gluten free facility. We don’t have wheat, rye, or barley belly, and we don’t want you to either! VerMints is certified Gluten Free by the Gluten Intolerance Group.
  • Q: Where can I buy VerMints? We can be found at a variety of stores from local markets, vitamin / nutrition shops & convenient stores with natural items to specialty chain stores, co-ops, hotel boutiques, airport terminals & even on Just click here for our store locator. Or, if there isn’t a store close by, click here to order online. We’ll ship them to your doorstep!
  • Q: What’s the best way to enjoy VerMints? VerMints are a hard candy, so we suggest popping them in your mouth and letting them melt away on your tongue. VerMints are your mints to enjoy your way, so grab life and taste it. We support all VerMints experience strategies! 
  • Q: Do VerMints combat bad breath or haliotosis? We sure think so, but we challenge you to do the test. Pop one in (or more, if you’ve been noshing on garlic and onions, friend), give someone a smooch, and see if they love VerMints as much as you do.
  • Q: What does “Kosher” mean anyway? Good question! Here’s the deal: contrary to popular belief, Kosher food does not have to be blessed by a rabbi. Kosher means “foods that conform to the regulations of kashrut”, which is a Jewish Law. A Kosher Supervisor reviews the processes and ingredients to make sure they comply with the agreed-upon rules [].
  • Q: Are VerMints vegan-friendly? They sure are. Most candies and mints are made with gelatin (an animal by-product used as a hardening agent – ew.) VerMints contain Gum Tragacanth and Agar instead. Both are plant by-products that keep the mints together without hooves and knuckles.
  • Q: What does GMO Free mean? GMOs are Genetically Modified Organisms. Being GMO Free means that our mints only have ingredients direct from mother nature; no messing around with chemicals and genetics around here. Our ingredients are clean and true [].
  • Q: I want to sell VerMints. How do I get started? Amazing. Good call. Your customers will love seeing VerMints on your shelves. Just drop Gary a line at Tell him about your business and why you want to carry VerMints. Or, give him a buzz directly at 781-340-4440 or toll-free at 1-800-367-4442.