The mountains made us.

The organic mints moved us.


Born in the Green Mountain State in 2000, VerMints began humbly on a stovetop in a small kitchen in Bellows Falls. The goal from the get-go was simple: Make a simple and true mint. All flavor; no funky stuff.

Our first batch was VerMints Organic Peppermint, sweetened with organic maple syrup instead of corn syrup and infused with actual peppermint leaves. At first taste, our customers were hooked. Over the next six years, we had quintuplet mint babies!! We introduced five more flavors – CinnamonWintergreenGingermintChai and Café Express – each spectacularly tasty, wholesome, and free of ingredients we couldn’t pronounce.

In 2004, we took our little organic mint empire to the masses! From coast to coast, VerMints was delivering minty fresh euphoria. People were happy. Mother nature was happy. We were happy. In 2012, we decided to stand firm in what we believed from day one: certified organic ingredients are the only way to go! We became a certified organic company – for which we are quite proud. Today, you can find VerMints in the pockets, desk drawers, cars, and mouths of people across the continent. Find a store close to you and load up!

our minty
fresh philosophy

for organic
mint magnificence.


Inside every VerMints tin is a heartfelt, headstrong commitment to a 100% all-natural, organic product that wows. We source ingredients from partners who share our passion for healthy living and healthy planet. Our manufacturing facility is gluten free, nut free, and conforms to kosher standards. And, we never use animal products, so vegans rejoice!

Since the very first “beta” mint on a kitchen countertop in Vermont, our mission has remained steadfast: We will always create the highest quality, best tasting, all natural organic mints and pastilles on planet earth. No shortcuts, no compromises!