20 Wicked Cute Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is almost here. That means spooky decorations covering the yard and house, party preparations, apple bobbing, carving pumpkins, bonfires, and picking out the perfect costume. One thing we love about Halloween is spending time with family and laughing about all the goofy activities involved. Not to mention, here at VerMints we LOVE being outdoors - our hearts are aglow at any sort of activity outside – as to why Halloween festivities fall in our top favorite times of the year. PLUS for one day we get to dress up and be something totally different. Totally wild. Totally just for fun(although we’re content being our amazing, sensational selves). Then run around collecting sweets with our families and bonding with the local community. That sounds like our type of Holiday. Whoop!

Although, picking costumes is tough. There is a lot of thought process involved. What do I want to be? Do I want to look cute or scary? Funny or thought provoking? Will this make me sweat or keep me warm? Can I reuse this costume? Should I make my own costume? It can become quite complicated. So, we did a little digging around google to see what options were out there. In our fury of finding something suitable, we came across some of the cutest kid costumes we’ve ever seen. So, we decided to share our favorites with you. Because well, we love you and we just had to make you smile, laugh and adore these handsome young men and beautiful young women in their lovable getup's, with us! We’re not about leaving anyone out! 

Take a look and let us know which just make your heart melt in the comments below!

What are you and your family dressing up as this year? Share a comment or better yet - a picture! We’re a visual group and would love to see what our VerMints lovers’ creativity has in store.

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