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Comfort is key when it comes to a successful workout and keeping a steady routine that you enjoy. If you're already not an exercise enthusiastic, being uncomfortable will certainly not help encourage this healthier lifestyle you are trying to achieve. Changing your mind is hard enough, so feeling comfortable in what you wear will help alleviate some of the anxiety of it all. Thankfully there are many clothing brands that specialize in active clothing so you have lots to choose from.

So what is the best choice for you? You want to have the right comfortable clothes to be able to have a fun time working out, and feel good about the way you look in them at the same time. Most activities require you to be flexible, as well as sweaty. 

Companies have learned that people want to wear light clothing while working out, so the materials have adapted over the years to reflect that. This will help because if you wear a fabric that is hard for your body to breathe in during your work out, then you will absorb the heat and risk of overheating. COOLMAX® and SUPPLEX® are good choices for keeping your overall body temperature regulated. Avoid material that are mostly rubber or plastic based, studies have shown they are notorious for not allowing your sweat to evaporate, and can cause you to easily overheat.

Depending on what your activity is, your clothing will vary slightly. If you’re biking, you would want to wear something that is fitted so nothing gets caught on the moving parts for safety reasons. For activities such as yoga, stretchy is key. Remember, you don't want any clothing that will get in the way of enjoying your activity.

When it is cold weather, people desire clothing that allows them to be warm but also comfortable. Layering is always a good idea because you can remove items as you heat up and put them back on as you cool back down. It is a delicate balance staying dry and warm in cool weather. "Nothing can ruin an outdoor workout faster than getting soaked in the rain or caught in a strong wind".
Everyone should keep an open mind when they workout because they will always work up a sweat no matter what type pf clothing they are wearing. These are just examples of what people can do to prevent over heating and or to make you body feel a lot cooler while you are sweating. Have fun while working out, stay healthy, but also dress according to the weather.

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