6 Sandwiches Using Thanksgiving Leftovers

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"Stuffed" is the only word that comes to mind after gorging yourself at Thanksgiving dinner. With all the pies, gravy, and football games to watch from the couch, it's easy to understand why. But that completely full feeling only lasts until the next morning when it's time for breakfast once again. Thankfully, there's always copious amounts of  leftovers. Everyone loves a good Thanksgiving sandwich on Friday morning. Sometimes, we like to get real crazy and make something special and delicious. Feast your eyes on some of our favorite creations below, and get inspired to trade in your bread for mashed potatoes and stack some waffles on that dinner plate!

1. For the avocado toast lover who can't pass on cranberry sauce

We’ll start you off with some eye candy. These turkey smashed avocado cranberry brie and mash potato waffle melts take all the best bits of the leftovers and add avocado and brie – our lives were made.

2. The waffle fanatic's dream

These mashed potato cheddar and chive waffles are simple but certainly don’t sacrifice on taste. You’ll be skipping brunch and mashing potatoes every weekend in order to snack on these sweet babies.

3. When grilled cheese is life, but so is stuffing

With all the stuffing you have in the fridge, why wouldn't you indulge in stuffing waffle grilled cheese sandwiches? No, we’re not kidding. These exist, and they're as good as you think they are.

4. You can never go wrong with sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a favorite over here. This sweet potato waffle breakfast sandwich has our name all over it.

5. A classic with a twist (aka, more sweet potatoes and waffles)

Another sweet potato breakfast treat – sweet potato waffles with bacon and eggs. Thank you, next (serving, please).

6. The last, and (maybe) greatest

If we haven’t given you enough options already these, stuffing waffles with chia cranberry sauce might make it to number one on your long list!

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