Best Boston Based Ice Cream Shops

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There is nothing like a cone of ice cream during a nice evening stroll after dinner during the summer. It’s so nice to walk around with something sweet and cool and enjoy the breeze after a hot day in the sun. And now at ice cream parlors there are so many interesting, tasty flavors, although the traditional flavors are still an absolute go to – like how can you go wrong with chocolate ice cream in a sugar cone? Uh yum. Or vanilla ice cream in a bowl. Simple, but delish. Sometimes the kids and I make our own ice cream cones at home and walk around our local park. Always a great bonding time that makes the days end pretty great, because I’m spending it outside with my family. We always have something chocolatey on hand – we are straight up, die-hard chocolate lovers – deep, dark, dutch chocolate is so rich and irresistible. Other days when we feel like ice cream, but don’t have any on hand (aka the flavors the kids want), we make a trip to one of our favorite ice cream shops. We’ve been to a bunch, but managed to slim down our favorites to eight excellent ones. Yes, eight. Don’t judge.


Fomu is a scratch made, vegan ice “cream” made from super sustainable practices and based with coconut, almond or soy mylk. Their plant based ingredients are always good to us and good to the planet, so it’s something we feel great about splurging on. Currently they are serving up avocado ice cream and let me tell you, it’s delicious. Think of avocado bubble tea you buy at those tasty Vietnamese restaurants. And get this, they use real avocado and real ingredients, in all their flavors. Plus they use biodegradable packaging that is BPA free. An ice “cream” shop after our own hearts.


This shop is known for its quirky flavors, serving up all sorts of creative concoctions from inspirations coming from the states and overseas, such as orange caramel, Turkish mocha and strawberry yuzu. However, those flavors also share freezer space with traditional goodies – like French vanilla, Belgian chocolate, cookie dough and cookies and cream. Lines are always out the door, but fortunately for us they do go fast, because it is so worth the wait.


Gracie’s small shop is tucked away in Somerville, so whenever we make a trip there we are sure to stop. They make their ice cream in the back of their shop, so as they put it, it’s 5 feet away from where is it served. They always have 11 delicious dairy options and one non-dairy option on hand. Some of our favorites have been; Grapefruit and black pepper sorbet, sweet potato, strawberry peach and Cardamother.


Lizzy’s is an awesome little shop in Harvard Square. But they have two locations in the Boston area – another location being in Waltham. Not only can you stop into their shops for a cone or cup of the good stuff, but they sell their decadent, creamy pints of goodness at one of our favorite grocers – Russo’s & Sons in Watertown, MA.


Bedford, Burlington and Concord hold great ice cream gems – Bedford Farms Ice Cream shops. Bedford Farms creates and makes all of its flavors in Bedford, MA (no, you’re kidding?!). Our favorites of their “always making list” is Mint Chip, Black Raspberry and Chunky Chocolate Pudding.


Rancatore’s founder actually originally moved to the Boston area to help manage Toscanini’s Ice Cream, but eventually left to start his own place in Belmont. Now there are three locations to find this one-of-a-kind ice cream. They use nice brightly colored containers you can’t miss.


Kimball Farms in Westford is a trek for us, but when we do make the trip we make a night out of it. They have a mini golf course the kids love and after a game, we of course, stop at their ice cream shop. Favorites? Gingersnap molasses, mocha almond assault and peach.


Another place that is a bit of a drive, but so worth making a little trip for is New City Microcreamery. Stop for dinner at the Rail Trail Flatbread Company then head to New City Microcreamery across the street. Great little area and both spots are delicious. Our favorites at this place are lime avocado, fennel pistachio, baklava and the ever favorite combo neopolitan.

What is your favorite ice cream shop in the Boston area? Or in your local area?

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