14 Ways to Love Your Cinnamon Girl

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14 Ways to Love Your Cinnamon Girl this Valentine's Day

“I could be happy the rest of my life with a cinnamon girl.”

These romantic words of Neil Young, paired with our longtime love for cinnamon, has inspired us to put together a list of sweet n’ spicy ideas for the most romantic day of the year. If your Valentine has a cinnamon passion like ours, this list is sure to score you some brownie points!

14 Ways to Love Your Cinnamon Girl This Valentine’s Day

1. Instead of going out, cook dinner together, at home. These deliciously healthy Cinnamon Baked Pears make a perfectly light V-Day dessert.

2. If neither of you can cook, take a class together. Dinner is served (and cinnamon tastes good on just about everything!)!

3. Serve up some mood-setting cinnamon-inspired cocktails. We highly recommend The Kitchn’s Apple and Cinnamon Infused Bourbon. Warning — this drink is guaranteed to heat things up.

4. Craft a coupon book of sweet n’ spicy favors you can do for your partner.

5. Treat yourselves to a night at a fancy hotel. Even if its in your own city. Nothing spices things up like a fun change of scenery.

6. Get physical. Work up a sweat together. Go on a hike, hit the gym or go skating.

7. And once the workout is complete, bust out the chocolate. A classic. A MUST. If you need inspiration, check out our post, 51 Droolworthy Gluten-Free Chocolate Recipes ideas.

8. Get pampered with a couples spa day. Massages and facials and mud baths, oh yeah!

9. Write a spicy love letter. It’s sweet, cost-effective, and so meaningful.

10. Kick it old school with homemade Valentines! We love these cute little light-up cards by Eighteen25.

11. Have a fun night out on the town, just the two of you. Take in a show, sing karaoke, go dancing until the sun comes up. Whatever you do, go have a blast!

12. On the flipside, stay in and blow through an entire Netflix series together. But only if you don't do this every other weekend. 

13. Go on a shopping spree. Pick out gifts for each other, together. Not only is it a fun date, you’re also guaranteed to get your Valentine exactly what they’ve been hoping for. Score!

14. Send your love a VerMints Minty Hint Valentine Trio on the sly. That’s three packs of delicious, organic mints for just $10! 

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