5 Ways To Combat a Rainy Day

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While rainy days can often be looked at as dreary or depressing, they are also a great way to relax and have fun. While we have been experiencing a worldwide pandemic, we have been able to adjust to staying at home more than we once thought possible. What happens when taking a socially distanced walk is out of the question because mother nature is having a bad day? We have the best 5 ways that you can combat the bad weather, enjoy yourself and make the most out of a unideal situation.

  1. Read a book. Yes, we know reading is not for everyone, so try using audible. Audible is an app that has thousands of books available in a listening format. Throw on a book that you haven't been able to make time for, and then catch up on things around the house that you have been neglecting. Take a bath, fold some clothes, reorganize your room, all while listening to a story that sparks your imagination.
  2. Watching movies is the perfect way to spend family time, and relax. While finding a movie everyone is interested in and can agree on can be hard, no one hates a feel good movie. The blind side, Greater, Remember the Titans, Wonder or The Pursuit of Happiness. Snuggle up and pair your movie of choice with your favorite snack.
  3. Board games may seem ancient at this point, but you will be surprised at how fun they can get and how easily time can pass. Invite over your friends, make sure to follow the indoor guidelines, and it can be as simple as having a deck of cards. Use your phone and download heads up, or get innovative and make your own set.
  4. DIY Crafts or painting are both ways you can let your imagination run free, and make something useful for home decor or use. Find some time to look at the endless DIY Craft pages located on Instagram or Facebook, and put something together with your kids or for your own personal use.
  5. What is better than a home cooked meal? In my opinion, nothing. Think about the best meal you have been served at a restaurant, and try to recreate it. A rainy day allows for time. Impress whoever you live with and craft a meal that you can be proud of serving.

The rainy days are upon us, so with this list in mind it's our hope that rainy days can become something to look forward to. Whether you are physically productive, or just mentally need a day to relax, take advantage of rainy days.

Please leave a comment below of which of these options you are looking forward to most for your next rainy day.