15 Gourmet Stocking Stuffers

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Thanksgivng came and went. So, now it’s December and the rest of the Holiday whip. Our lovely fans probably have their holiday shopping list, and already started checking things off. I’m sure of it. I have this sense all of you are pretty buttoned up. BUT just in case you’re not totally on it, we figured we might be able to chime in, give our two cents and offer a little list that will make even the toughest in the bunch jumping around in glee. And we are definitely always thinking about you and how you’re super posh, yet modest. So, compiling this list was a snap, because we love these brands and knew you and your loved ones would too.

This one’s a no brainer. Chocolates gotta be slipped in the big ol’ sock. And Xocolatti chocolate is divine.. with a twist! Saffron nut chikki chocolate slate? Woah, count me in.

A Wild Soap Bar make all sorts of hand crafted soaps. One that really peaked our interest was a bar made with humanely raised, free range Thunderheart bison fat. Lusciously rich and moisturizing for that hard to buy for man in your life.

For those times when all the kids are home and everyone just wants to snuggle up next to the fire Flying Brird Botanicals drinking chocolate is the perfect addition. Their tins are chalk full of Organic Raw Heirloom Cacao - just all sorts of yum.

Big Picture Farm's soft, buttery goat-milk caramels coated in silky chocolate – double check on this one.

Juniper Ridge fragrances have essences from plants, bark, mushrooms or tree trimmings that they harvest along the trail. As they put it; building new fragrance grammar of the American West. This gives the gift of finding a favorite place and getting to go there every time they wear it.

Coffee is another one of those must have in the stocking. And Counter Culture does it right. It’s close-your-eyes-drinkin’ good. Big Trouble in particular, is super delicious because it’s clean, sweet and low acidic.

Curio Spice products are freshly ground blends inspired by places, people or seasons. All the spices are kept in vintage-style, light blocking tins to keep spices fresher longer. We had a ridiculously hard time deciding, so we thank our lucky stars for the 3-tin gift box.

Palmero Body is a collection of truly natural skin care products consciously formulated by choosing every ingredient with purpose and mindfulness of its benefits to your skin and the effect on the environment. Now that’s a beauty care product – two birds; one stone. 

Ah Sir Kensington, we’ve seen you on the shelves with your cute little top hat. And when we decided to indulge in all your fabulous spreads, we’ve never looked back. Sir Kensington sources the finest certified humane, free-range eggs and smooth natural oils in their mayonnaise, that it’s no wonder we apply it liberally. Ever. Single. Time. 

Oh come on! Combing sweet maple syrup from the beloved Catskill Mountains with a touch of spicy Chile peppers is seriously delicious. Everything needs it - Veggies, beacon, cornbread, waffles, chicken – you get the idea. Bushwick Kitchen's maple mixture is also gluten-free, paleo-friendly and vegan!

Cole’s is a sustainable, gourmet fish company. They source the finest, freshest, ethically sourced fish from around the globe to deliver you prized delicacies. Our Omega-3 intake has never felt better.

Aside from their stunning packaging, we love Daphnis and Chloe because their herb and spice inspiration stems from the Mediterranean’s spontaneous natural bounty. Their gift sets are the perfect way for your giftee to find the perfect dosage for lemonades, cocktails or warming teas.

Yes, we’re kind of chocolate obsessed. It’s one of our vices. Potomac has clean, pure chocolate bars – strategically executed, with unforgettable notes and divine richness. These bars get you in a bit of a trance; a forever in love trance. 

Socks. It’s like a stocking stuffer staple. Socks can be a little hidden piece of your wild side, with boastful colors and memorizing patterns. Happy Socks is all about transforming your everyday essential into a colorful design piece with a rigid standard of ultimate quality and craftsmanship. Their sock gift box is a perfect way to make sure you're giving a little bit of crazy, cool.

Pens are always a nice gift. The gift of encouraging the written word is nothing short of lovely. Jonesy has a way of capturing a stylish pattern in an eco-friendly disposable pen! It’s another one of those feel good gifts. 

VerMints! But of course, better-for-you and the whole family minty treats that invite you to make the most of each moment and spreading love always. 

What are some staple items you include in your stockings each year? Let us know in the comments below!

Happiest of Holiday’s to everyone!

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