​16 Handpicked Detox Boxes for 2018

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We know you’re not crazy about New Year’s Resolutions and we guess you shouldn’t be, because we know you’re trying to make yourself better all year round. Us too. While we like the idea of New Year’s Resolutions – bettering ourselves, making a change, bettering our environment, making goals, helping others – we pride ourselves on consistency and these are things we make efforts towards all year long. That’s why we’ve been into box subscriptions lately. It’s like you are signing up for little reminders all year through to make you the best you and keep on track with your health goals, all the while receiving handpicked healthy gifts! Sounds like a pretty great set-up for success. That being said we did a little handpicking of our own and curated a list of some pretty exceptional subscription boxes. Boxes you’d want for yourself and your family and friends. You know those gifts you forgot to scoop up – here’s the ticket list below.

1.The Detox Market

The Detox Box is more for the females in your life. Green beauty can be hard to navigate. What works – what doesn’t. But this box does the navigating for you, so you can find those green, nutrient dense products that make you glow without all the leg work.


We support, promote and live organic, healthy lifestyles, so Urthbox is right up our ally. A box subscription filled with, natural, organic, non-gmo snacks and beverages.

3.Healthy Surprise

Healthy Surprise is founded on supplying healthy items made in the USA. They have pretty strict guidelines to eliminate foods that would contain the majority of food allergens – it’s like your own personal label reader – sounds nice, donnit?


We’re a little obsessed with tea lately and all the healthy benefits it offers. However, sometimes we can get a little warn out on one tea and feel like mixing it up. Amoda offers a tea subscription to cater to your tastes, interests and adventurousness. So, sipping can feel new every month.

5.Farm Fresh To You

It’s hard enough gearing up to go to the grocery store and once you’re there tons of unhealthy choices hit you right in the face. That’s why Farm Fresh To You is perfect – deliveries of fresh fruits and veggies right to your door to keep your mind right, nutrient intake high and on track to better health.

6.Green Blender

You love smoothies and juices. You’ve come up with boatloads of different smoothie concoctions, but sometimes you just want someone to be like you need X, Y and Z for a complete, nutrient packed meal drink. We get it. Us too. So, Green Blender is that monthly pep talk to keep those good juices going.


The Boxwalla is a gourmet treat with options ranging from green beauty to film and a packaging design that will make you swoon. Hello 2018!


You’re a health freak and you want to keep up with the trends, we get it. Sometimes life gets in the way and you just don’t have time to brush up on your superfood info. So, Superfoodio subscription makes sure to keep you on your superfood game, monthly.

9.The Life Box

The Life Box premise is based around creating everyday wellness. Assisting you to change your life with healthy snacks to nourish and heal.

10.The Goodness Project

The Goodness Project packs their boxes full to the brim with goodness. And we liked that a lot. Because 2018 is about doing better in a full-to-the-brim kind of way.


You’ve tackled the do’s and don’t’s of the food industry, but you’re looking to up your game with supplements. But you haven’t even begun to navigate that battle field so, that’s where VITL comes in – we’re talking highest quality ingredients formulated by nutrition experts right to your door.


Fitty is a health and fitness subscription box for men and women, as they put it, “your time and energy is better spent on your sweat game”, tell us that doesn’t make you feel ace, and 12 months out of the year no less.

13.We Are Tribe

 We Are Tribe is another fit box, with curated athlete granola bars overseen by a leading nutritional therapist. Their angle is supplying nutrition choices that are “vital to support your training and turn you from a good athlete to a great one with the right food”.

14.Vita Five

We’re not perfect and Vita Five understands sometimes remembering and organization are tricky when it comes to taking your vitamins. That’s why they create daily packs, so you can grab the pack and take it on the go when it is more convenient for you.


Ritual is about getting you to feel your best. Their essential multivitamins for women contain all nine essential nutrients that women need and leave out common nutrients that American Women are getting enough of. AND they are open source, so you know the origin. Makes sense – we are all in. 

16. SimpleSnax

These guys do it up right. We all work and SimpleSnax's wants to make sure your getting the best, healthiest snacks at your office. So, you can keep that health game going strong at home AND at work.

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