​4 Steps to Give Your Fridge a Pre-Thanksgiving Detox

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Cleaning the fridge is one of those things we forget to do until we start to smell something real funky. However, during the Holiday’s there is so much happening in the refrigerator that we need to make sure it is up to snuff. So, a pre-thanksgiving fridge detox is in order. It makes room for all of your dishes, plus the dishes that guests bring over too. Since everyone will be opening and closing those doors it’s smart to have everything nice and neat, and we know that makes you feel kinda great too.

1.Throw Away Spoils: This should be a no-brainer and happen continuously throughout the year, but that’s just not reality. Life happens and all of a sudden you realize you might pass for some kind of spoils hoarder. Ew. Take extra care right before Thanksgiving rears its head and sort through your fridge throwing away all those questionable items and by questionable I mean should have been thrown out 6 months ago.

2.Consolidate or Finish Leftovers: Once you’ve gotten rid of all the old bits it’s time to consolidate or finish up the leftovers. This will create more space for all the main dishes, side dishes, dessert dishes, appetizer dishes, drinks, etc. Plus we know you’re the reduce-reuse type, so finishing up your leftovers before the weeks out and Turkey Day hits, starts you off with a shiny gold star!

3.Wipe Down Inside and Organize: Next you should remove all food and condiments from the fridge so you can really get a thoroughly clean fridge. Once everything is placed on the kitchen counter, we suggest using Annie’s Pure and Simple All Purpose Cleaner and getting your arm workout in! This should be done quickly, so as not to spoil anything that needs to be kept cold. Once complete, add and organize all the food items back into the fridge.

4.Wipe and Dry Outside: The final step is to wipe down the outside of the fridge with a natural cleaner. Make sure to pay close attention to the handles as that is where dirty hand prints most often appear. The crevices that suction the door to the base of fridge also collect a lot of dirt including pet hair (if you own a pet), and need that TLC too.