9 best times to suck a mint and have fresh breath

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Everyone knows fresh breath is sexy, but let’s face it — some of us are pretty lazy when it comes to oral hygiene. So when we’re not brushing, flossing, and rinsing on the reg, popping an organic mint is our next best tip to reduce bad breath.

As a friendly reminder to those guilty of skipping brushing sessions, we’ve put together a handy list of the best times to cure bad breath naturally with VerMints.

1. On a date. Do your boo a favor and suck some sweet n’ spicy Cinnamon VerMints before movie makeout sessions.

2. Before a job interview. Ensure your potential employer stays a potential employer by freshening your breath before going in for that handshake.

3. After a workout. Just because your pits stink doesn’t mean your breath has to.

4. After lunch. Go ahead and have the shawarma. Organic mints have your back.

5. At the salon. Fresh breath is especially important before fringe trims. When your stylist gets up close and centre, pop a mint to prevent potentially disastrous scissor slips.

6. Before a dentist appointment. Of course, it would be better to brush and floss. But in a jam, sucking an organic mint will help reduce bad breath and keep you off your hygienist’s naughty list.

7. On a plane. Stressed about flying? Peppermint is a healthy and natural fresh breath alternative to traditional chewing gum .

8. After coffee. Your latté only smells good before you’ve sipped it. Do your coworkers a favor and pop a mint to ensure fresh breath post java. 

9. With friends. VerMints are great for sharing, so pass 'em around and spread that #MintyFreshLife!

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