10 Must-Know Tips to Kill Bad Breath

We’re slaying bad breath for good. Take that coffee! Hi-ya, garlic! Good riddance, onions! We’ve done the research, we’ve talked to the experts, and bad breath eradication is on its way.1. Do what your mama told you: Brush and floss! Listen, there’s no excuse for not brushing and flossing. So brush twice a day. Floss once. It’s just 3 minutes with [...]

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This is Chai. He’s an organic mint with international flair.

Chai is organic, but never froo-froo, flighty, or hoity-toity. In fact, Chai doesn’t even know what those words mean. He’s clean and inviting, like a warm cup of Indian chai tea on a brisk morning. He’s all “ohm”, and no “whoa”.If you called Chai up on a Saturday night at 1 am, Chai would meet you on the corner, bring [...]

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VerMints’ White Chocolate and Café Express Gourmet Popcorn

We love a movie, a hot date (a 7 out of 10 will do), and a big bowl of freshly popped organic popcorn. We’re not talking Orville here (sorry, Mr. Reddenbacher). We’re talking fresh non-GMO kernels, a hot stove top, and a container of our Organic Gluten-Free Café Express Mints. Sounds like a wild combination? It is. And it’s amazing. So [...]

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