Coffee Has Antioxidants?

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If you’re like us, you’re busy. Every day of the week. We’re talking every minute of every day jam packed with work, errands, kid activities, to-do lists, driving, running, walking, connecting, communicating, planning – the list goes on and on. If you’re running around from the moment you wake up until sunset and beyond, you need some serious energy. A pick me up, if you will. And what better than our good o’ friend – coffee. That warming aroma you steal before and after yelling for the kiddos to get a move on in the morning. The sips you take at the table, in the car and at the office. Not to mention all the varieties, styles and combinations. You can really get quite creative with your morning brew.

Recently, I’ve started drinking my coffee black. Yes – straight up black. No messing around with sweeteners or different milks (or mylks). Rich, dark roasted, zippy, black coffee. It’ll get you right in all the best ways. Gets you up, out there, ready for whatever Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday mornings throw at ya. In fact, I get so pepped up for it every morning – I actually convince myself – this is it – this is the cup that will make me interesting. Kidding. But boy oh boy that cup of coffee is delish and does change your perspective on life. Try driving around in rush hour traffic with and without your morning dose of caffeine – you’ll quickly notice the difference – 125%.

Coffee is a big part of our life, and we’re thrilled of some of the health benefits. One in particular is its antioxidant content. Antioxidants are very important for fighting off free radicals. Free radicals contribute to cancer, vision loss and a bunch of other chronic conditions. There is abundant evidence that suggests eating whole fruits, vegetables and whole grains – all high in antioxidants provide protection against an array of different diseases.

But the flavor! We’ll also just purely love coffee for its flavor. And we figured you do too. So, here are some of our favorite coffee items.

1.Coffee Blocks – buttery, rich coffee – nuff said.

2.Jim’s Organic Coffee – delish, organic coffee that is all about ethical sourcing too! Our favorite is Witches Brew, because it’s dark. Very dark.

3.Taza Coffee Chocolate Disc – the texture of Taza’s chocolate is beyond good. True grittiness that is the best kind of experience.

4.Talenti Coffee Chocolate Chip – made with Italian espresso? I’m gonna stop you right there, while I source out the closest store selling this bad boy.

5.VerMints Café Express Pastille – but of course, our very own café express sweet treat. Little discs of a lovely type of creamy sweetness (although we are very much Vegan friendly).

For us, coffee is enjoyed at multiple points throughout the day.. in many different forms. 

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