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Our kids love popsicles. The sensation of having something cold on a warm day is so refreshing and delightful. We’ve dabbled with the store bought ones, but reaching for homemade ones in the freezer is always our favorite. We’ve made elaborate tasty blends and simple flavor sweets. We are always looking for new ways to make popsicles, and we found a bunch that look awesome – try them out and let us know which are your favorites!

Kiwi Coconut Popsicles – The Little Epicurean makes these healthy, dairy-free popsicles with chia seeds and kiwi slices. Big chunks of kiwi means we are in heaven.

Almond Milk Popsicles – The Harvest Kitchen whips up almond milk pops dipped in dark chocolate and covered in almonds. Oh come on. Stealing our hearts.

Ginger, Hibiscus and Minty Watermelon Popsicles – What a combo – hibiscus, mint and watermelon – sounds hydrating, refreshing and unique. Thanks, Half Baked Harvest.

Figs and Ricotta Cheesecake Popsicles – This seems like a creamy, dreamy treat. We love the addition of halved figs, dunked in cream then frozen for a cool dessert. Lady and Pups will make sure your pop is just as sophisticated as you.

Honey Chamomile Popsicles – If you’re a lover of our chai pastilles we have a feeling you’ll love these chamomile infused pops with just a touch of honey, from Vanilla and Bean.

Apricot Rice Pudding Popsicles – Another creamy one for you. Apricot, rice pudding pops! Swoon. Decadent, milky and cool – yum x2. Nailed it, Bon Appetit.

Pink Grapefruit and Rosemary Popsicles – We are big fans of My Darling Lemon Thyme. All her recipes are clean and delicious. So, there is nothing less to expect from her grapefruit and rosemary popsicles.

Mango Lassi Popsicles – Spicy things have our hearts. Just pop a Cinnamon or GingerMint and see for yourself. And this pop has us dreaming of Indian food, just to follow it up with this essential dessert. You know us oh too well, Desserts for Breakfast.

Coconut Milk Popsicles with Adzuki Beans – The Hungry Goper is pulling at our love for Japanese food. If you’re not accustomed to eating beans in your dessert, you are sorely missing out. So, definitely put this at the top of your list.

Strawberry Lemonade Cream Pops – Lemonade is a go to summer drink in my family. So, these strawberry, lemonade layered pops with a sweet coconut cream and yogurt base would be made on repeat. We whole-heartedly approve, Live Simply.

Banana Peach Smoothie Popsicles – Offbeat + Inspired inspires us to make a healthy snack of her Peach-Banana Smoothie Popsicle's. We are currently obsessed with peaches and these pops just sound so, so yummy.

Turmeric Cocoa Breakfast Popsicles – These pops are next level and super trendy, as well as, super dense with health benefits from our friends at Numi Tea. Treats that are healthful – count us in.

Blackberry Lemon Popsicles – We’ve been seeing loads of lemonade pops, but this lemon blend sounded awesome with a mix of blackberry and greek yogurt. It makes sense to us to include wholesome fruit in homemade popsicles. Thanks for the recipes, Jessica Gavin.