Darrah is our Week 3 #WishIHadVerMints Winner!

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Week 3 of our #WishIHadVerMints Kiss n' Tell contest on Facebook is up and the embarrassing smooches keep rolling in!

This week's winner is Darrah – we're sending her a 6-flavor Variety Pack of VerMints!
She and her BF decided it'd be a great idea to lock lips with his parents looking on. Eeps!

Here is Darrah's story:

"When my BF and I went to the movies very early in our relationship, we went with his family. His parents sat three rows behind us – RIGHT behind us, It was awkward before the kiss, but after the awkwardness was indescribable. Especially because we went to a restaurant afterward and his parents kept smiling at me across the table. I wanted to leave so bad!"

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