Free VerMints!

Posted by you imagine getting delicious and organic mints in the mail each month? For free. That’s right.

No hitch.

No pitch.

No backdoor.

No catch.

Pure. Simple. Love.

Here’s the deal

Be one of first 100 people to subscribe to our newsletter. Hint, look left. See the box that says GET FREE MINTS above it? Yep, that’s the one. Throw your email address in there and start counting the days until your first flavour packed tin shows up.

If it’s rainy where you are, pull on your poncho and wellies so you don’t get soaked waiting on the porch. If it’s snowing, a hat and mitts. And if you’re blessed enough to be in the sun, we recommend sunscreen. The wait won’t be long, mints hit the mail every Friday.

We hope by the end of the 6th month, we’ll be besties. And your tastebuds will have taken a walk down the VerMints road of freshness.

US subscribers only. Mmm. Sure sounds lip-smacking tasty. Sign up quick!

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