Full Up On Love - 10 Quotes

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We are feeling a bit lovey-dovey in the office today (only on occasion do we enforce the rule of giving hugs to everyone upon entering or leaving a room).

We had a little chat about the endless amount of things in life to give love for. Sending love to everything in your life can change your perception of the world and ignite a fire in others around you. Here at VerMints we try to fall in love with something in everyone and everything, day in and day out. Our lives are dedicated to creating and spreading love to all our friends. Once you’re on the VerMints bus it’s hard not to spread your own love too. There is so much love to be spread around that we thought some inspiration to get started might be key.

Here are 11 quotes to get you full up on love:

Share some things you love/are gratefully for in the comments below!