Fully Prepared for the Labor Day Cookout

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Labor Day is this Monday which means a few things are on the horizon: summer fashion has come to an end, fall is on its way, and your neighbor is having their annual Labor Day cookout. Now, don’t get me wrong, cookouts are a great time, but there is one major pitfall to these beautiful beer and burger filled festivals: bad breath. The chef will spend the entire day explaining the intricacies of the perfectly crafted burger, but even the most masterfully forged burger won’t lend well to your breath, as will just about anything that gets consumed at a cookout. However, prospects for enjoying this event and simultaneously avoiding rank breath seem bleak. There are options, but most of them aren’t pretty.

The vast majority of bad-breath avoidance goes hand in hand with food-avoidance. You’ve seen the articles online before: “8 Foods to Avoid to Keep Your Breath Fresh While On a Date” (or something to that effect). We’re not going to bother entertaining the thought of not eating from the grill. Since grill eating will be in full swing, you’ve definitely befouled your breath, which means figuring out some method to undo the damage you’ve done over the course of the barbecue (maybe even more than once depending on how enticing seconds or thirds sound). In a perfect world, drinking water or beer(or whatever you end up drinking oceans of) in order to purge your breath would actually get the job done, but it won’t take long until asking your neighbor to use their bathroom to brush your teeth sounds enticing. Your options are limited at this point, and dwindling rapidly. Either you can chew some gum and become difficult to interact with, or you could get the job done with VerMints!

VerMints is a powerful, great tasting pocket mint that eliminates bad breath and leaves you feeling fresh and confident. However, what really sets it apart is: it’s all natural; totally organic; and completely free of any harmful man-made chemicals that regular mints are full of. Conventional mints use synthetic chemicals that can be harmful. With VerMints, the all-natural ingredients actually end up freshening your breath without chemicals or synthetic compounds your body can’t process properly. Instead, all you get is a guilt-free mint, refreshingly cool breath, and the freedom to enjoy as many burgers and hot dogs as your heart desires. VerMints comes in classic flavors, like Wintergreen, and various other 

kinds, like GingerMint! Bringing along one of our variety packs will give you the full spectrum of VerMints available, and also give your friends some options to choose from when they inevitably catch you with a mint and sweetly ask if you’ll share. At the very least, instead of one of many people suffering from bad breath at the cookout, you can be the one who thought ahead and bought mints for, well you, but eventually, for everyone (but hey, that’s just how the cookie crumbles sometimes). Pack VerMints, and don’t be another unfortunate soul with burger-breath this Labor Day. 

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*image courtesy of The Pridwin