Holiday Kisses

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Inevitably you’ll either be hosting a party, heading to a party or staying at home snuggling up with your cat for New Years. Either way there is bound to be some kissing action and with kissing there is a need for fresh breath. Breath crusted over with yogurt from some dairy laden dish is a BIG no. Ew. Whether you’re caught under the mistletoe or smooching at midnight you have got to be ready and ready you shall be.

VerMints are the perfect addition to making your breath supreme for your lovers – fury or not so fury. Even sharing becomes a relief, offering mints WITHOUT dyes, Acesulfame KAspartameMaltitolSucraloseXylitol, and other artificial ingredients that are bad for your health. So, your conscience can rejoice. VerMints are made WITH real, true ingredients - organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, organic maple syrup, agar (gelatin substance derived from algae) and gum tragacanth (dried sap from middle eastern legumes).

Give way to all your Holiday pecks, butterfly kisses, eskimo kisses and cheek kisses – VerMints are here and they are here to stay. Check out these benefits of kissing from our friends at Garden of Life!

Happy 2015!