How to Manage your VerMints Obsession

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So you have a VerMints obsession. We understand. In fact, there’s no sense in denying it: we do too. There’s also no sense in hiding your obsession. Embrace it! And proudly stash your VerMints everywhere!

In the bag you take to hip hop class

You’re the next Sofia Boutella. You feel it. You know that being that good takes a lot of work. Pop in a PepperMint. Get pumped. Hit that floor.

In the flat tire compartment of your car

Hop out of your car. Grab your wrench. Flash a smile at the admiring crowd when you change your flat in a dress. Go rock it!

In the VER fiction section of the library

Swing by the library. Head to the fiction section and stash a tin of GingerMint between two good-looking novels. Grin. Think about a fellow book-lover sucking a VerMint and devouring a story. Pay it forward!

Beside the bag of dog food

Because when your cutie pie gets kibble, you deserve a pick-me-up too. Mmm, temptation. We can’t help ourselves. Pass us some VerMints.

In the pocket of your chic trench coat

You know the one. The coat that makes you feel like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The one that makes you smile. And when your eyes light up, heads turn. Zing!

With your journal and colour gel pens, beside your rocking chair.

Lean back. Bask in the satisfaction of a good day. Close your eyes. Listen to your breath. Reflect on the wonderful things that made your day. Reach for your journal