Independence Day Preparation

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Summer is finally here! The last few years have been so interesting in regards to weather changes, and really altering the way the year is split up. For some people the summer kick off is considered Memorial Day Weekend, but for others (especially those with children who are just now getting out of school...crazy!!) the start of summer really isn’t until the Fourth of July. Either way, the warmth has finally been sprung upon us, thank goodness!

As for party hosting, attending, watching, or whatever you like to do best while celebrating Independence Day, we have plenty of options for you to prepare. If you have the time, here are some of the best drinks, dishes, desserts, and more, that we have found for you to make for the holiday.

Best Dishes to Bring to a July 4th Party: 

  1. 7-layer dip
  2. Meatball Subs on a Stick
  3. Pretzel Bites
  4. Bacon Wrapped Smokies
  5. Antipasto Skewers
  6. Red Velvet Cupcakes
  7. Bomb Pop Cupcakes
  8. Brownie and Fruit Kebab
  9. American Flag S’mores Dip
  10. Rice Crispy Pops

Festive Drinks to Concoct:

  1. Blueberry Strawberry Mojito
  2. Red White and Blue Sangria
  3. The Firecracker
  4. All-American Daiquiri
  5. All-American Gin and Tonic
  6. Strawberry Champagne Jell-O Shots
  7. Red White and Blue Jell-O Shots

If you are an over-worked, over-tired, or just too busy of a human who cannot find the time prepare a party dish, don’t worry! We have you covered too. These are some great festive ideas for food and decorations that anyone would be ecstatic to see. Don’t forget you can always bring the drink mixes with you!

Last Minute Party Ideas:

  1. Patriotic Trail Mix
  2. Independence Day Shirt
  3. Fruit Kebabs
  4. Bandana Flag
  5. Home Décor
  6. Frugal Treats
  7. Lawn Spray Paint

We hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July and that these recipes allow for a stress-free and happy holiday. Share with us what you whip up and how it turns out!