Love, folks. It’s the very best gift!

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At our core, we’re a family company. We like rugrats running around, bumping into walls, crawling under tables, and wiping chocolate faces on white couches. We like moms and dads, loud uncles, oddball cousins, and grandmas who pinch cheeks and knead dough with wrinkly hands. We love dinner table insanity, everyone talking over everyone else, laughing, yelling, smiling, while passing more potatoes please. Call us crazy, but we call this insanity pure joy!

Tis the season for family, love, and all that warm n’ fuzzy stuff. Sure, it sounds kinda sappy. Maybe even a bit corny. But we’re embracing our big-hearted innards. Because it feels good. Because we’re lucky to be loved. And because hearty handshakes, warm embraces, or genuine “come on in and join us” invitations are the very best gifts.

Our inspiring, tough-as-nails friend, Kevin Gosnell, reminds us that life is precious (it is!), that love is the very best gift – now and always, and that every bump – no matter how big, unexpected, or even (gulp) permanent – can always be surmounted with family by your side, friends in your corner, and someone cracking a few jokes. Check out his Ted Talk.

Now go hug some folks who share your DNA – and a whole bunch who don’t but feel like they do. Give a rousing noogie to your brother. A high five to your sister. Listen to Grandpa’s stories – like REALLY listen. Dance with Grandma; she’s got moves you’ve never seen. We guarantee it. Tinker in the garage with dad. Get greasy. Build stuff. And laugh until you cry with mom. Because her tears of joy are pretty much the very best gift. Ever. (Trust us.)

Thanks for giving us so much love this year.

We felt it. And we love you right back.

Love on, folks.

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