Spring Has Sprung

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March 21st marks the first day of spring. Spring time is the best time of the year to watch the rain fall and see the flowers bloom. March allows you to get out of the house and reminds you that eventually, the seasons will change. Spring time reminds us of a fresh glass of lemonade, gardening in your backyard, going on endless adventures to explore the outdoors, and long drives with the windows open.

Well the spring is not always rainbows and butterflies, those things come with humidity and cloudy days. Nevertheless, spring is a time to enjoy. Today we will be sharing with you our favorite springtime snack for a sunny day outside or a rainy day indoors.

Every meal come March needs to come with a glass of Newmans’s Own Organic yellow lemonade. Lemonade is the staple of the spring season, and what would a snack be without it. While on the rare occasion it is satisfying to have some chips and cookies, this snack is refreshing and very filling.

Ever had a charcuterie board? They are the hottest new things that are customizable and delicious. There are a lot of secrets to this board, including knowing the differences between different cheeses, an array of meats, and knowing all of the options of how to customize it. We plan to share with you all of our favorite ingredients to include on a charcuterie board that have something to satisfy everyone.

Let's start with the cheese. We recommend one hard, and one soft, and for me that means Boursin Garlic and Herbs cheese spread paired with some sliced Manchego. Feel free to include the cheeses that you enjoy best, and place them in an organized way. After cheeses come meats, and you can never go wrong with prosciutto and salami. Now it is time to dress it up. Cheese and meats take up a majority of the board so the rest is mostly fillers. Some common things that people use are roasted nuts, dried or fresh fruit, or crackers.

No matter what is added to the board, make it your own and unleash your creativity. Spring time is the best time to get outside, hangout with friends, and enjoy snacks with a nice glass of lemonade.

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