Our 6 favorite family picnic games of all time

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With the weather getting warmer every day, it’s time to start dusting off all your favorite family picnic games. These six classic lawn games will appeal to your sense of nostalgia while getting the whole family outside in the sunshine. Make a day out of it by packing some of these tasty gluten free picnic snacks and some organic mints for afterwards. Talk about livin’ the #MintyFreshLife!

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball is one of our all-time favorite family reunion games. Part of its charm is that pretty much anyone can play. From toddlers to grandparents, it’s a family picnic game that’s pretty much guaranteed to get everyone involved and having a great time.


The first time we tossed around an Aerobie, we knew we’d never look at a game of catch the same way again. Man alive, that thing can fly! The beloved neon disc can travel over 100 yards, so this is one of those lawn games that demands space. We love watching how excited the kiddos get when they see how easy it is to make the Aerobie soar.

Ladder Toss

LadderToss is another one of those classic outdoor games for kids that’s just as fun for adults. It’s low maintenance, physically-speaking, so you can sip on a bevvie or suck a VerMint while you play. You know we love that.


Who doesn’t love a good game of Twister? This outdoor version of the classic game board doubles as a picnic blanket which absolutely rules. But if you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, make your own own Lawn Twister using our homemade vegetable paint recipe.

Giant Jenga

Sure, you could play regular Jenga outdoors. But why not make it into a supersized lawn game? This fun outdoor game is available online but it’s a little pricy. We prefer this DIY approach to giant lawn games from Lemon Thistle.

Water Balloon Dodge Ball

We love water games for kids that don’t involve a ton of time or money. As you can imagine, this is a simple twist on an old time favorite. Just be sure to aim below the neck and don’t wear white!

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