25 Hysterical NFL Fan Superstitions

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Everyone is gearing up for the 2017 Super Bowl. Whether you’re hosting a party, going to a party or sitting at home in your lucky chair it’s gonna be a good one. Let’s talk about that lucky chair though. Superstitions are interesting - but do they actually work? Maybe. Do they work all the time? Who knows. But we know for certain that these die hard NFL fans, support their teams like no other. They are willing to do some crazy deeds in hopes their “request” floats up to the football gods and has their team winning. Every. Last. Game. I put together a list of some of my favorite fan superstitions. Take a look below and have a laugh on us (or nervous laugh cuz you do the same!):

1.“Rub the Hawk on my beanie every time we need a big play, and I have to wear the same hoodie I got at my first ever Seattle Seahawks game”

2.“I have a set of 3 statues I got for Christmas years back of the Manning’s. Archie, Peyton and Eli. I’m a New York Giants fan so every season I put Eli on a stand under my TV and kiss his helmet before every game.”

3.“I have to wear my Philadelphia Eagles’ jersey as PJs”

4.“I sleep with two New England Patriot teddy bears (offense and defense) and I tuck them in every night. I also wear only on jersey throughout the season and do not wash it.”

5.“I drink from my frozen Minnesota Vikings mug with Pepsi when they play at home to provide cold spirits, we might be lacking. On day games I watch from the downstairs couch, center-right cushion. Sunday or Monday night games, I watch from the upstairs couch, far right for winning team; lounge for a team I want to lose. Superstitions, it’s only weird, if it doesn’t work.”

6.“I paint my nails in my team’s colors, blue and red, Go New York Giants!”

7.“I have to keep my dirty Green Bay Packer laundry at the top of the laundry basket.”

8.“I have to eat pretzels when the New York Giants need a big play.”

9.“I always where the jersey of the team the LA Chargers play to jinx them. Whoever I root for usually lose.”

10.“Unless they’re playing each other, my sister and I always wear each others’ teams’ socks during their games. Go New York Giants!

11.“Before the first Green Bay Packers game of the season, I switch my phones background to a pic of Vince Lombardi.”

12.“I can’t check my fantasy team while the Dallas Cowboys are playing.”

13.“I have to watch the last two minutes of the San Francisco 49ers games standing on my coffee table.”

14.“I’m an Oakland Raiders fan. Nothing I can do to help! lol”

15.“I have to wear my Green Bay Packer lucky socks on game day.”

16.“I have to stand for the duration of every Seattle Seahawks game and wear the same team shirt/beanie combo until the game is over.”

17.“I can’t use the bathroom during the game time of the Cleveland Browns game!

18.“My house has to be clean, I need to be fresh out of the shower and be wearing my McCourty jersey before watching the New England Patriots. Works 90% of the time.”

19. “I have three different Barry Sanders jerseys and I wear the same one every Sunday until the Detroit Lions lose.”

20.“I have to keep my cellphone in my left pocket on offense and the right pocket on defense.”

21.“Every time the Cowboys are close to scoring or in a big play, I have to stand up. Never fails.”

22.“I am a Seattle Seahawks fan and can only stand on the blue sections on our blue/tan/brown carpet during games.”

23.“If the Dallas Cowboys are losing at halftime, I go upstairs and watch from my other TV instead. Works like a charm.”

24. “I’m a Dallas Cowboy fan therefore all season long I keep myself from consuming any Philadelphia Cream Cheese.”

25.“My wife is not allowed in the same room with me and not allowed to ask “who’s winning”, on game day.”

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