Gluten-Free Salmon Cake Recipes For Celiac Awareness Month

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It’s soon to be May and we are very excited to celebrate Celiac Awareness month with the Celiac Disease Foundation and the Beyond Celiac Foundation. Celiac Disease is a “genetic autoimmune disorder where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine”. What this means is that when people with celiac consume gluten their immune response attacks the small intestine and damages villi (which are small fingerlike projections that line the small intestine), which are used by the body for nutrition adsorption - so clearly very important! VerMints is very proud to be certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten Intolerance Group. We are also very dedicated to providing support and commitment to those with celiac disease, so we decided long ago to be manufactured in a purely sugar based facility. So, no other product is made in the same room or even same plant with these allergens. There is absolutely no gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, yeast, potato, sesame, salt, sulfites/sulfates, onions, garlic, rice or fish/shellfish. It felt necessary to list it out – impressed yet? Not only are our ingredients organic and clean, but we are free-from in production to packaging through and through. Just. For. You.

For May we wanted to put together a list of some recipes for spring. Salmon has been on the mind lately, so we figured a collection of healthy, gluten-free salmon cake recipes for spring would be a perfectly acceptable celiac disease recognition. Here are our top salmon recipe picks for Dinner, Lunch or Breakfast – whatever, you pick. We highly recommend wild caught, fresh or frozen salmon, however, Wild Planet has some excellent canned salmon ready to go.

We compiled a list of 10 different salmon cake recipes, in no specific order because they all look delicious and are Gluten-Free!

1.A Healthy Life For Me adds almond flour to shape her cakes and once complete adds a dollop of mashed avo and parsley – so much yum.

2.Empowered Sustenance crafts her salmon cakes with butternut squash, coconut flour and coconut aminos – betcha it’s out of this world and leaves you feeling satisfied.

3.A Saucy Kitchen slathers up those salmon patty beauties with lemon herb aioli. What. The. Heck. Is it bad if you don’t take breaths between bites?

4.Real Food With Dana shares her pan-fried salmon cake recipe with caper-dill aioli. A little compo with saucy kitchen (kidding they both add an excellent, different addition). Fresh dill with a lil salty cappers. Now we’re talkin’.

5.Healthy Recipes Blog offers the deets on her golden, crispy, zippy salmon patties. Oh yes!

6.Little Broken adds an extra protein boost of quinoa to these delectable salmon patties and we are all for it.

7.Meatified mixes things up a little differently – adding parsnips and dill to these tasty patty treats.

8.Hold The Grain supports the salmon and avocado combo. Avocado Salmon Cakes pack a powerful omega punch – lots of TLC for your hair, skin and nails.

9.Good In The Simple is all about simple. And simple can make something pretty spectacular in no time at all. Salmon, spinach, shredded potatoes and eggs is where it’s at.

10.Simple Quinoa takes the potato approach, but reaches for the sweet potatoes instead of the traditional white potato. Little bit of sweet and smooth could only make these the next best thing for lunch. 

All 10 recipes are good ones, so have at it!

*photo courtesy of Little Broken