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Every year when January first hits, people often claim to have “changed” for good. They make promises to themselves about their goals, that by the next year they often forget about. New year’s resolutions usually revolve around yourself, things that you can change in order to make you “the best version” of yourself.

Weight loss, exercise, diet, eliminating certain foods, habits or even people, are some of the most common ones each year. While it is hard to always follow through with, these goals give people faith in themselves, and hope for the future. Gym memberships spike in January and people ditch fast food for the Whole Foods Market.

The stereotypical resolutions are usually what clouds people's brain when they are trying to figure out what they want to change about themselves. As time goes on, and people grow into the person they have always wanted to, resolutions shift. Instead of wanting to change something about yourself, you feel a drive to change something about the world. A resolution could be appreciating the environment more or picking up one piece of trash off of the ground today. Things that can be good for the environment, can also be good for you.

Let this blog serve as a reckoning, where New Year's Resolutions will be resolved. Living in a life where you put your mind to something and accomplish that goal makes you feel unstoppable. What is to fear when you have faced your own worst nightmares and come back stronger. While it does scare most to think about letting go of bad habits, there is a reason it was made to be their mission on the first day of the new year.

As a brand, we believe in setting goals for yourself in order to be a person you can be proud of. While every goal comes with challenges, it is vital that you can work through those with right support. Our slogan goes “Grab Life and Taste it”, meaning leave nothing to chance. Take everything that life has to offer, and make the most out of the opportunities.

So how do we grab life, taste it, and get rid of the old habits that were once a part of our character?

Every New Year's resolution begs the question of “What do I want my life to look like by this time next year?”. Resolutions should be made to be attainable, and people should set reasonable expectations when trying to accomplish these. Whether you are cutting out all dairy or eating more, each resolution comes with a plan of how you will use the next twelve months to make sure you stay on track.

With the new year rapidly approaching, we want to remind you that if you set your mind to it. Anything is possible. Any goal will come with obstacles, but without those, it would be hard to really appreciate the journey. VerMints have not always been what it is today. Twenty years of hard work and consistent trial and error lead us to finally packaging a project we can be proud of.

What's our goal for 2022? We don’t just have one, we have a few. We hope that this inspires and look forward to hearing more about our customers' journeys in the new year. Start it off right with a mint, before the ball drop hits.