​Stress-Free Back To School Non-Processed Snacks

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School is almost back in session. We are eager for it to begin – excited to see what classes our kids will be in, but honestly anxious to see what homework we’ll be helping them with at 10PM on a school night. Although, I do love coming home and having my kids share with me what they’ve learned or what their friends have been up to all summer. One thing that is impossible to keep up with is endless ideas for my kids snacks or lunches. It’s hard enough coming up with dinner ideas, but tacking on healthy meal preps isn’t exactly something to get excited about. I’ve smartened up over the years, after all this isn’t my first rodeo, and made a bunch of healthy snacks that I can rotate through and literally not think about! Winning! Below are some of my favorites – healthy, tasty and perfect for my kids!

Celery with sunflower seed butter and raisins is so yummy and a slight variation on the old celery and peanut butter logs. The Food Network also shows some other variations on this classic snack.

Trail mix is such an easy nutritious snack. Keeps my kiddos bellies full until dinner or lunch. We especially like this one from NomNom Paleo.

Almond butter, banana freeze snacks are a big favorite in my house. However, we also nibble on them as dessert too! The combo bites are rich and dense, just as we like it.

Sometimes we just like something to sip! This thick banana avocado smoothie hits the spot for that every time.

Guacamole is an all-time favorite. I switched things up and started making this avocado, dill dip. We usually have it with tortilla chips, but recently I’ve been preparing this snack with vegetable sticks.

Cheese and apples is such a simple one, but to us it never gets old and even grown-ups find it irresistible.

Portobello pizza’s are something we make when we are going to have a late dinner. Fresh tomatoes, basil, moz and mushrooms. It’s so, so yummy.

Tomato, moz and basil skewers are fun, tasty little poppers. Super fresh and easy to put together for lunch or snack.

Olives and chickpea with salad is a nutritious lunch option. Easy to make the night before, then divvy up amongst all of use in the morning.

What snacks are you preparing this year?