Toast and Chai Pastilles? Finally.

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Our friends at Food for Life Baking Co. are having a December toast challenge! We are more than happy to share our love for their toast AND our pastilles in one tasty morning recipe. Yes - you heard us right, toast and Chai Pastilles. You'll have to trust us on this one - it is yummy. It just might have cinnamon toast on a run for its money. We know - VerMints is very versatile. Please don't fight your out loud burst of "wow!" - it happens to us everyday.

Take any flavor of Ezekiel bread (I am using sesame - it is one of my favorites!). Toast it up nice and crispy.

While your bread is toasting away, start crunching up your VerMints Chai Pastilles into tiny pieces (a mortar and pestle would be ideal to do this).

Once the toast pops out spread on some nice, organic buttery goodness and sprinkle your chai bits onto your bread. Voila! Your new encouragement to get out of bed.

Thank you Food for Life Baking Co. for your tasty, healthy breads!