Un-Known Amazon Prime Benefits

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As consumers, we’re lovers of Amazon, for sure. It’s an amazing platform, reliable shipping of just about anything and everything right to your doorstep. But Amazon Prime members receive the best kind of treatment, because it's all about you. Prime members receive free shipping, and have confidence your order will arrive on time or if you’re a lucky duck, the occasional early arrival. And if that isn’t sweet enough, some areas receive same day shipping. Since shipping isn’t a fret, what else makes their experience so irresistible? The reasonable prices! Not to mention they are typically the lowest of the low – they know how to rally - so what’s not to love?

But what are some of the other not as well-known benefits of being an Amazon Prime member? Well let me fill you in, cuz we’re here to keep you current.

Prime Music: think Spotify or Pandora, BUT it’s already tied into your membership, you’ve already got the greenlight to tons of good tunes all the time. Winning.

Prime Instant Video: same as prime music, but with videos! Netflix and Hulu don’t have anything on Prime Video. We’re talkin’ video offers for days. It’s like unlimited rom-com’s with the bae and your secret historical series fixation when you’re on “me time”.

Prime Photos: for all those pics you’re snappin’ of your family, friends, pets, meals (don’t lie), you can store them ALL in your inclusive Amazon Cloud Drive. Because you get – guess what – unlimited storage. Holla.

Prime Pantry: Just like all the other things you can get delivered, why leave your house for groceries? We’re talking grocery, household supplies and pet care goods to fit in your flat rate box of 5.99$, now that’s a perk.

Prime Early Access: It’s like VIP on Amazon. Deals that might only be first-come first-serve – you get the early-bird-get-the-worm access. Nice? We think so too.

Amazon Mom: Parents and caretakers rejoice. A program all your own, when you’re a prime member – lets you save on product subscriptions like baby wipes and receive a 20% discount on certain diaper subscriptions. Life just got a whole lot easier – amiright?

Membership Sharing: Sharing - One of the most valuable traits learned as little bugs. Four of your closet peeps can marvel in the prime benefits with no cost to you. Or you could pay off your yearly 99$ membership fee charging all your best buds a 20$ yearly fee. Hey, don’t hate. It’s the entrepreneur in us.

As far as we can tell Amazon Prime is more than nicely packaged, fast shipping. There are a bunch of different perks all worthwhile to take advantage of and use to their fullest potential.