VerMints + ALS ONE Late Summer Run on Cape Cod

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VerMints Inc. is a proud supporter of ALS One. In May of 2015, Kevin Gosnell, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of ALS. After realizing there was no cure, and little that doctors could do to even treat his devastating condition, Kevin made a brave decision. To dig deeper. Ask questions. And use the resources, team building skills and relationships he had cultivated as a small business owner to create a new business. One committed to bringing the best doctors, researchers, and care practitioners together. To raising funds to fuel their efforts. And in the end, to finding a cure for ALS. This is the story of one remarkable man. With one inspired plan. And one determined goal. The ALS Knights organization, in conjunction with ALS ONE, works to unite the friends and family of ALS patients. Together, they raise awareness and funding for Care and Cure for ALS.

Over the past weekend the ALS One Iron Knights participated in the New Balance Falmouth Road Race, which has become a beloved and much-anticipated summer event on Cape Cod. The ALS One Iron Knights Team raised $233,000 dollars!

Appreciating the ability to stand. to walk. to run.

At the starting line - 13,000 runners.

Long strides.

A huge thanks goes out to the entire ALS One team and every effort behind making it a gorgeous success.

VerMints partnered with ALS ONE to support the organization by way of, all purchases, (of our soon to be launching ALS tins), will go directly to the ALS ONE organization. Stay Tuned!

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